Marchand Son


Standard Paint

CR01 Always give away ones sauces
CR09 The smell of petroleum prevails throughout
CR17 I thought I told you to wait in the car
CR02 I look at them earnestly all day checking to see what's the difference between a pictogram and an aeroplane
CR10 You are not very subtle but you are effective
CR18 Hair of nan
CR03 Wet Weekend
CR11 Chummy Bluster
CR19 Rubber band
CR04 Old Towel
CR12 Lint
CR20 50 Million French men can't be wrong
CR05 Gamla Gül
CR13 Your least favourite room becomes your favourite
CR21 I will not dignify that with an answer
CR06 Chinese Apple
CR14 Reginald
CR22 Smör
CR07 The total depravity of inanimate things
CR15 I return to my room in grim spirits
CR23 An ordinary bloke surrounded by suckers
CR08 Curious Yellow
CR16 Win or loose it's all the same to me
CR24 I'm hearing a lot of problems but no solutions